3 brands discuss sweating out Super Bowl’s ‘super Busy-ness’

February 1, 2017 • Company Growth

Across the U.S. this pre-Super Bowl week, restaurant owners, employees and vendors are probably popping extra vitamins — maybe even carb-loading —  in anticipation of the monumental demands coming Sunday in the hours before, during and after the big game.

That’s when the National Restaurant Association says that roughly 15 percent of the nation’s population orders food for what the USDA says is the No. 2 food holiday of the year. Fifteen percent, by the way, is about 48 million people — all dialing, typing, talking online, phoning, or even physically going to a restaurant to order sustenance for those taxing hours of couch-surfing demanded by every Super Bowl.

It is, in short, a make-or-break holiday for just about all foodservice brands that deliver or cater, but it takes well-coordinated effort and even a bit off ESP to pull it all off for any specific brand. That’s why this site wanted to get a glimpse of what various chains do to prepare, as well as execute, the day’s intense food service demands. So we recently fielded a few general questions to representatives of three big delivery brands about their Super Bowl strategies.

Included in the panel of brands who responded to our questions, are:

Toppers Pizza Marketing Vice President Scott Iversen
Philly Pretzel Factory Marketing Manager Adam Terranova
Wing Zone Training Director Noel Guilford

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