Toppers Industry Honors

September 30, 2015 • Company Growth

Toppers Pizza is one of the fastest growing pizza chains in the United States. We are known in the pizza business as one of the leaders in the exploding better pizza category. We currently have 71 stores in 11 states.

Toppers has won numerous accolades and recognitions in the restaurant and franchising industry. We have an incredible leadership team of restaurant franchising veterans. We only sell multi-unit franchises to experienced restaurant operators and we expect to have more than 700 stores in the US within 10 years.
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Upcoming Discovery Days

Toppers News

Don’t miss out on your invitation to Discovery Day to learn what it’s like to be a Toppers’ franchisee and if you are a fit for the Toppers team. The exclusive experience gives you the opportunity to take a guided tour of multiple stores, meet experienced leaders on our Executive Team, dive into the brand, learn about our proven systems, and our expansion across the United States.

We are selective in our candidates and only seek out those who are thoroughly engaged and ready to be part of a growing brand with a mission to be the best pizza company in the world. Get pre-qualified today for your invitation!

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How a Single Storefront Solution Saved Toppers Thousands

September 28, 2015 • Company Growth

Marketing franchises locally can be a difficult and costly process for brands large and small.

While great campaigns have a big impact on a brand’s bottom line, they often place a heavy burden on corporate management, forcing them to spend valuable time overseeing everyday operations rather than focusing on creating effective campaigns.

Click here to learn how Suttle-Straus’ S4 Marketing Resource Center saved Toppers’ Pizza thousands of dollars in administrative, management and franchisee costs by:

ΓÇó Eliminating the need for corporate management of local franchisee requests,

ΓÇó Simplifying inventory management for a variety of distributed marketing materials,

ΓÇó Streamlining fulfillment and distribution processes, and

ΓÇó Reducing turn-around time.