Leading operators offer 5 tips to improve your pizza delivery service – As featured in PMQ Magazine

August 26, 2014 • In The News

Pizza and delivery have gone hand in hand for decades, and today more than 1 billion pizzas are delivered each year. But consumers’and delivery innovations’have come a long way over the years. When your customers order delivery, they expect a great experience: orders that are hot, fresh, fast and accurate. And if you want them to order again, you must go the extra mile to ensure that all of these needs’and maybe a few extras’are met. Here, operators share their secrets for delivering the goods.
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Family Business as featured in Franchise Times

August 8, 2014 • In The News

Saying you’re fired’ can hurt much more when it’s a relative

Beth Ewen

Could you operate a franchise with your son or daughter and still gather in harmony around the holiday table? Two father-child franchisee pairs, plus an outside consultant, explore what works and what doesn’t.

Jon P. Crowe learned first-hand the hazards of operating a franchise with his father, Jon S. Crowe. Even though we’re a father-son team, there’s no nepotism, he said about their two-store Toppers Pizza operation in Nebraska, soon to be three. We brought my little brother on, and we ended up firing him a couple of weeks later.

The younger Crowe serves as general manager, while the elder heads up the back-office business functions, customer service and direct marketing. The younger Crowe credits a management stint at Verizon for giving him a practical approach to running his stores.

It’s a business, so you can’t really tolerate nonsense. It’s just a frank conversation you have to have with people, he said, adding for his family it worked out: The brother parted ways as an employee but the family remains close.

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Complex Flavors Draw Customers

Toppers News

A recent study found that the key to attracting more consumers is offering a menu of complex flavors featuring unique ingredient combinations. While one topping may not stand up well on its own, set amongst layers of complementary flavors, it can be the key to unlocking mouthwatering taste (and boosting your bottom line).

While the perfect recipe for success is typically difficult to predict, the secret lies in finding the right flavor combinations that blend the new with the familiar. (The study also showed that if your brand is infamous for being adventurous, people are more likely to adopt your wilder offerings.)
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