Fast Casual Pizza Made to Fail

June 24, 2014 • Toppers News

Fast casual may be all the rage for many food categories, but when it comes to pizza, the idea is half-baked. For those unaware, fast casual pizza asks guests to line up, select their toppings, then wait as their meal is baked in an ultra-hot oven for several minutes. But while the fast casual concept may work well for other categories, the model goes against what works for pizza. Ultimately, three key reasons set the concept up for failure.

People prefer delivery: Simply put, Americans would much rather dig into pizza while kicking back at home. About 85 percent of them, as a matter of fact. It’s much easier to have the pizza come to you than it is for you to get up and go to the pizza. Even with fast casual’s quick baking process, any minutes saved slip away when you factor in travel time to the restaurant. Continue Reading

6 Signs a Brand is About to Skyrocket

Toppers News

You want to take over the world as part of the next big thing, but with so many new franchises battling for supremacy, how do you know which will give the biggest bang for your buck? While many tout potential, few will turn into long-term growth opportunities. Watch for these six signs a brand is destined for greatness so you can ride the wave of glory.

Listen to the people: No one knows which brands are on the verge of stardom better than the people who’ve experienced them. Word of mouth shows that a product’s worth talking about and, more importantly, worth sharing. Reach out to the trendsetters in your life and see what’s grabbing their attention. Once you have a lead on a possible future performer, check out the brand’s reviews from popular online sources such as Yelp, Facebook and Chowhound to hear what others have to say. Continue Reading