Pushing the Pizza Envelope: Toppers Announces New Menu Creations on Jan. 27, 2014

January 27, 2014 • Toppers News

Irreverent Pizza Brand Continues to Innovate within Crowded Pizza Segment with Launch of Chocolate Baconstix and Chipotle Ranch, Marinara and Chocolate Frosting Dippin’ Sauces.

WHITEWATER, Wis. Since its founding, Toppers Pizza (Toppers) has established a reputation as a forward-thinking frontrunner in the crowded pizza segment for offering unexpected flavor profiles that both surprise and delight consumers. The fast-growing eclectic franchise delivery brand announced the launch of several new menu items, spotlighting its commitment to originality. These new menu creations will continue to bolster Toppers’ growth, as it projects more than 20 new store openings in 2014.

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